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E-commerce Website Types

Single Page E-Commerce Website

A single page website is a one-stop-shop for all content, making navigation easy but potentially limiting SEO opportunities. While it offers simplicity and faster load times, optimizing for search engines can be more challenging due to limited URLs and keyword optimization across sections. Still, it’s great for focused messages, portfolios, and events.

Self Hosted E-Commerce Website

A self-hosted ecommerce website is an online platform where businesses sell products or services directly to customers, hosted on their own server or hosting service. This gives complete control over customization, security, and scalability, but also entails responsibility for maintenance, updates, and security measures. While it offers full flexibility and branding control, it requires technical expertise and ongoing management. 


SAAS E-Commerce Website

A SaaS (Software as a Service) ecommerce website design refers to an online platform where businesses can create and manage their online stores through a subscription-based service. This approach offers convenience, as the software provider handles hosting, maintenance, and updates, freeing businesses from technical tasks. While customization options may be more limited compared to self-hosted solutions, 

ECommerce Standalone Platforms

WordPress + Woocommerce Development

Opencart Website Developement

Magento Website Development

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ECommerce SAAS Platforms

Shopify Website Development

Big Commerce Web Development

Weebly Web Development

Features of an eCommerce Web Store?

eCommerce Web Development Company

Our eCommerce Web Development Services helps you showcase your products from your retail shop with photos, prices, product description and other details and you have an opportunity to sell your products globally with international payment gateway integration.

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